WATCH: Carving The Waters – New music from DedVolt

Dedvolt’s lyric video for Carving the Waters from the first album Bleeding Hearts coming soon, set to release March 2014, via Felony 1 Records.

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A Rockstar’s Paranormal Experiences

Filling in for George, guest host Dave Schrader (email), welcomed frontman for rock bands Slipknot and Stone Sour, Corey Taylor, who discussed his brushes with the supernatural world and what his research has led him to believe about ‘spirits.’

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New Music: Color Me A Hustler – Jimmy Roses Ft. E-40

Latin Bay Area Boss, Jimmy Roses is back with a new, highly anticipated track for the Streets. This time Jimmy has linked up with the Bay Area Ambassador, E-40, dropping that priceless, Yay Area game on the world! Download the new single now, available on iTunes!

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AUDIO: The Blackout by The Bloodline

The band is currently writing their first handful of material to be released under the name The Bloodline. The band has so far debuted one track under the Bloodline name, entitled “The Blackout”, which was met with positive feedback from fans and critics.

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Exclusive interview with the Butcher Babies at Center Stage Theater!

Benji hooked up the Butcher Babies backstage at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta. Benji and the Butcher Babies discuss new music, tour and some crazy ass shit… LOL! Watch the exclusive interview now!

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VIDEO: Zeitgeist: The Movie
by Peter Joseph

Smoke a fat one before you watch this flick, Zeitgeist! You have to be open minded to appreciate this Documentary. It questions everything you know! Manipulate the World!!!! TRUSTxFELONY1

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Broken Hope and Deicide had a rather dramatic ending to their fall touring relationship, but despite some unpleasantries, they’ve now mended their friendship. Broken Hope revealed that all is fine again in a new posting, stating that “friendship and music are all that matters.”

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DedVolt Album Production Update featured on Blabbermouth.net

DedVolt, the Sacramento, California-based rock/metal band featuring SKINLAB frontman Steev Esquivel on guitar, has entered Trident Studios in Pacheco, California with producer Juan Urteaga to begin recording its debut album for an early 2014 release via Felony1 Records.

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